Beginner Zone

Part of the WCOBA vision is to promote the practice of beekeeping to new beekeepers.  New beekeepers have a variety of motives for learning beekeeping.  Some of the more popular reasons include: learning a hobby, harvesting your own local honey, increasing self-sufficiency, helping the environment, saving the bees, pollinating home gardens or orchards, and establishing a sideline income.  Whatever your reason for interest, we welcome you to the community of beekeepers.

WCOBA offers beginning beekeeping schools for new or aspiring beekeepers in the communities we serve.  Monthly club meetings at multiple sites across our region provide a forum to share best practices, get answers to questions, insights from experienced beekeepers and contacts or relationships to leverage between meetings.

Have you decided to start?  Consider the advantages of starting with a "Nuc" colony.  Read our article on beginning with a Nuc.

Please visit our Beginning Beekeeping Forums.  These forums are a place to inquire, respond and share your challenges and experience as a beginning beekeeper.

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