Swarm Removal

Honey bee colonies swarm as a natural process to split and propogate the colony superogranism.  Most swarms are docile and do not pose risk to people or pets, but it is recommended to call an experienced beekeeper to remove the swarm before they relocate into a permanent residence in a building, structure or tree.  Once a colony has started building comb removal is more invasive and will likely require a cut out.

We have provided a list below of beekeepers in west central Ohio that have provided their information for swarm removals.  We recommend noting the size, heighth off the ground, location (on a tree, house, shed, other), and how long the swarm has been there.  Where possible a photo of the swarm could prove useful for the beekeeper.

Please note that West Central Ohio Beekeepers Association does not endorse the services or verify the information provided to us by the beekeepers listed.  WCOBA provides this list to help connect our communities with beekeepers that provide these services.



Dwight Wells
Primary Phone Number: (937) 477 9251
Email: Dwells85@woh.rr.com
Tipp City area & Southern Miami County

Gary Hess / Monna Hess
Primary Phone Number: (937) 964-1378
Alternate Phone Number (optional): (937) 926-0494
Email: gmhess@carrowmore.us
Carrowmore Farm & Apiary will do swarm removals in the Clark County and parts of Champaign County Ohio area including Springfield, New Carlisle and Urbana, OH.  

Don Bayer
Primary Phone Number: (937) 216-9585
Alternate Phone Number (optional): (937) 473-3695
Email: dbayer@bayerbuilders.com
Will collect swarms in Miami County, easter Darke and southern Shelby counties.  Prefer 25 mile radius of Covington, Ohio.

Tim Grissom
Primary Phone Number: (937) 935-1816
Alternate Phone Number (optional): (937) 465-9001
Email: Travel@ctcn.net
Swarm removal in the Champaign, Logan and Union county area.  I do not remove established bee colonies from buildings.

Chris Barhorst
Primary Phone Number: (937) 548-3558
Basic swarm removal

James Augustus
Primary Phone Number: (937) 626-3073
Alternate Phone Number (optional): (937) 324-8825
Clark and Madison County

Pam Marsh
Primary Phone Number: (937) 339-0924
Alternate Phone Number (optional): (937) 546-9420
Email:  pamster_45312@yahoo.com
Call as soon as you see a swarm of honey bees.  The swarm may stay in a location for a short time before taking flight.

Amanda Egloff
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 902 9637
Email:  egloffamanda@gmail.com
I serve Montgomery County and adjacent counties.  I have been a keeper for 7 years and this is my second year doing swarm removals and extractions.

Stan Chandler / Debbie Chandler
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 935-3307

Alternate Phone Number:  (614) 204-6347 
Email:  casnco@hotmail.com

Swarm removal in Logan, Union and Hardin counties.

Matthew Kohl
Primary Phone Number:  (614) 323-2618

Email:  mattkohl@ameritech.net
Swarm removal for Clark and surrounding counties.

Joeseph Angle
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 313-3544

Email:  joeshana5@gmail.com
Swarm removal within 20 miles of Covington, OH.

Everett Poffenberger
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 623-6964

Email:  poffenbergeroh@aol.com
Swarm removal in Montgomery county, northern Warren county and western Preble county including Dayton, West Carrolton, Miamisburg, Springboro areas.

Sonny Iman
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 508-7390
Email:  theimanfamily@hotmail.com
Will remove swarms within a 40 mile radius of West Liberty, Ohio.  Call or text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Ron Allison
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 408-1779
Email:  rallison@woh.rr.com
Clark, Montgomery, Champaign and Miami counties
John Hempstead
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 599-4732
Alternate Phone Number:  (937) 597-8484
Email:  Jhemp@wcoil.com
honey bee swarm removal in the Bellefontaine, OH area
Joan Zerkle
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 869-2723
Email:  zerklej99@yahoo.com
basic swarm removal - Champaign county
Rusty Strader
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 673-1514
Email:  str1151@ctcn.net
will do swarm removals in Clark or Champaign counties
John Hess
Primary Phone Number:  (937) 459-2684
Email:  john.hess937@gmail.com
will do swarm removals in Darke county

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